Major Adult Social Work Survey Launched in England

 A major survey has been launched to find out what research needs to happen in future to further improve adult social work in England.

The survey asks social workers and other professionals who work alongside social workers, to talk about their experiences and what they think should be priorities for future social work research.  There is also a survey available for those who use adult social work services.

It is part of an Adult Social Work Priority Setting Partnership, started by the Chief Social Worker for Adults in the Department of Health, Lyn Romeo.  This followed a 2016 report, Social work research with adults in England: The state we’re in, by the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College London, which recommended that the adult social work sector in England “identifies its research priorities and does this in an inclusive and rigorous way”.

Lyn said:

“We want to understand more about what works best when social workers work with adults and their families.  Research evidence can help with this but first we need to know what is important to people and therefore what to research.  That is why this survey is vital.  It will help us to make sure that future research answers the questions that are important to social workers themselves and anyone who has been in contact with them.  We want future research to make a real difference to improve the quality of care and support that people receive.”

The survey will be open until January 2018 at  The results of the Priority Setting Partnership will be released later in 2018.


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