Write a Drabble for World Social Work Day.

World Social Work Day 2018

Dear PSW’s

It wouldn’t be world social work day now without a PSW eBook offering. This year we want to try something different to blogs. We want as many people as possible to write a ‘Drabble’

Historically a Drabble is a 100 word short story, we want to take this idea and expand. We are therefore asking all PSWs and as many social workers and social work students as possible to contribute. Short stories and works of fiction are great but we also want to expand the concept to include Drabble articles, personal reflections and ideas. We do however want them all to be relevant in some way to one or all of the following;

  • Why you became a social worker
  • Why you do social work
  • What social work means to you
  • A specific reflection
  • Social work and social justice
  • Social work values

The Drabbles don’t need to literally relate to work they could be about a pre social work moment that led you on this journey, they could be a film you once saw that influenced your practice. It could be a personal experience that made you reflect on your professional self.

You do need to be very conscious of issues of confidentiality and as professionals we will be leaving you to take responsibility for that as Rob and I will not have the time to edit or screen.

The rules

  • All Drabbles most be exactly 100 words long (not including the title)
  • Please give a clear title
  • End your Drabble with either;
    • ‘That’s why I’m a social worker’ or
    • I am a social worker
  • All Drabbles to be submitted as a word document in Ariel 12
  • Provide your name and position

Please e mail your Drabble to Jackie Bernard with the subject title Drabble no later than Wednesday 14th March to


We will then create an eBook for publication on World Social Work Day 2018.


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